How to Become a Game Influencer in the Mainstream Industry

When there are over 2.5 Billion active gamers around the globe, being a game influencer seems a pretty great idea. But before puzzling over all the flamboyant limelight, let us brush up on the basics. A game influencer is a person who can affect the decisions of others, whether it is buying a specific game console or following a trend online, but how did they do that? The answer is by playing games!

The influencers play sponsored & unsponsored games and review them on Livestream helping their followers to pick the best in the market. By helping their followers, they also build impressive revenue, which indeed is the cherry on top. So, let us talk about what should be your first step to become a game influencer.

In today’s era, when your online persona is something that your followers dearly look up to, you should be very good with your social media accounts where you are presenting yourself as a game influencer. You should be familiar with fundamental marketing skills and strategies to engage your followers with your content. And last but not least, you should have spectacular gaming skills.

There are tons of gaming influencers in the industry but if you want to be a known one, make sure to balance your Quality-Quantity scale. The quantity is nothing but the follower’s gain. It includes strategies you put to increase your followers organically.

The more faithful followers, the better your revenue will be. So now the question is how to get a healthy follower gain? It is basically from creating quality content. If the content you create helps your audience, then your Quality- Quantity scale will remain in balance.

Here are a few tips that can help you build an impressive internet persona.
  1. Your Stream Title should be eye-catchy.
  2. Relevant Hashtags can help you bring your stream to the top.
  3. Use Social media platforms to promote your Livestream page.
  4. Share your channel as much as you can among your friends and family.
  5. Your Livestream should be interactive, so try to start a conversation with your viewers; silent streaming is not at all engaging.
  6. You can also promote your channel by creating a website or blog.

The followers you gained will only stay when your content remains relatable.

For creating content online, you should do proper research on what is trending and also keep few things in mind:
  1. Always use social media to check post ideas.
  2. While streaming, make sure your equipment like the mic and camera should be of good quality.
  3. Organizing contests is a great idea to engage your followers.
  4. There is live streaming analytics that can help you better understand your audience.
  5. Also, there are audience analytics tools such as twitch tracker, SocialBlade, etc., for keeping track of your followers.
  6. Keep your audience in the centre of your content idea; this will help you create contents that your audience likes.

When you gain enough followers, let’s take one step further. Develop yourself into a Brand. For doing so, you need a compelling brand logo and watermarks in every live stream you do. Make sure your logo is eye-catching and should remain the same on every live stream platform.

Platforms like TwitchHitboxBeamAzubuYoutube Gaming, etc., are the trending gaming platforms of 2020. There are over 143 million people who watch gaming live streams on popular websites like Twitch per year. To create a brand that stands out, you need to learn the platforms and their work carefully.

When you are all set with a brand name, logo, and interesting youtube page, it’s time to spread your networks so that companies will know about you. Networking with other influencers is a big yes to enhance your channel and gain followers. The other perks of networking include early sponsorship opportunities.

Here is how you start networking:
  1. Play games with other influencers in your niche.
  2. Participate in contests organized by famous influencers to stand out from the crowd.
  3. Later reach out to them and ask for collaboration.
  4. You can always participate in gaming competitions like esports world conventions to give yourself proper exposure to the gaming industry.

The most important thing is to be unique in what you do. There are

lots of live streamers on these platforms, your followers should be able to recognize you in the crowd. So, be very creative with your content and be consistent. There will be times when you have to stream with no viewers, but never get discouraged from this, so many big gaming influencers have started from scratch. Play and learn on repeat till you reach your goal. Don’t wait for the right time; create your channel today and start playing.

All the best!

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