Top 5 Trends in Gaming Industry 2021

The gaming industry is continuously thriving and growing. While Pandemic shut down many businesses and caused great loss to multiple companies, the game industry’s pace never seems to slow down. The unforeseen success of the Gaming Industry in the previous years got another boost during the COVID-19 pandemic. With so many people stuck in their homes, video games became their saviour from boredom as well as panic rising outside. With the surge in the number of users, the gaming industry took the responsibility to give these gamers a better experience. We noticed an increase in the number of ideas, due to which competition also rose among the prominent gaming companies. Game developers and Game designers came with new plans and proposals to entertain their users. And when these ideas are appreciated by gamers all over the world, it ultimately becomes a trend. Here is the list of the top 5 trends ruling the Gaming Industry in 2021. 

Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming or gaming on demand is nothing but online gaming that runs games on remote servers. And from there, it streams directly to the user’s phone. It is totally different from the traditional way of console gaming, where the game runs locally on your device. 
While the console games were forcing the users to invest space and money over a game, cloud gaming offered them streaming options. In that way, gamers don’t have to buy or download a game to play it.

The ease of access made cloud gaming a hot trend among game lovers. And not only the users are enjoying this cloud gaming concept, but also streaming services like PS that are earning recurring revenue from the worldwide streams are pretty much happy with this new trend.

Roblox is a cloud gaming platform for gamers, which can be considered a good example for understanding cloud gaming.

Mainstream Use of Extended Reality

Extended reality (XR) technologies are expected to be the future of the gaming industry. When it comes to providing unrealistic gaming experiences, game companies are pushing their boundaries to another level.

Game developers are challenging reality through cutting-edge graphics into the gameplay using virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), or extended reality (XR) features. Game companies are planning to shift this unrealistic gaming experience from PC to mobile phones to make it more user-friendly. 

Rise of Indie Games: 

In today’s time, big-budget games that have brilliant cinematic feels & takes months to create are loved by the users, but the creative Indie games are also quite popular among gamers. Pandemic somehow changed consumer behaviour which directly impacted the video game market.

Games like Among Us, Fall Guys, Ultimate Knockout made a huge success and suddenly became a big name in the game industry.

But what can be the reason for these indie games stealing the limelight from successful AAA game series? The answer is their uniqueness! These indie games don’t have flashy graphics or detailed storylines, instead, they became a hit just because they have unique and fun gameplay. Thanks to Twitch streamers, these indie games hit a home run during COVID-19.


As conventional sports tournaments went on hold due to the Pandemic, the video game industry took the staff in their hands to fill the hours of planned sports content with video games! Famous players sat at their homes playing their related sports virtually which were live-streamed across the world. Some of the Esports tournament was broadcasted live on televisions also. 
This created a huge revenue for both Gaming and Sports Federations. Currently, the Electronic Sports industry has a value of around 1.1 B USD. The largest market of eSports is in South Korea, China, and the US.

The reason behind this growing trend is live streaming platforms that connect people around the globe. The companies use these platforms to live broadcast their gameplay to connect the fans with their famous streamers.
Online Casino Sectors:
With the rise in technologies, online gambling has become increasingly common and even legalized in many countries.

Europe and the UK hold the biggest online gambling market in the world. Currently, online gambling is contributing 32% of the total gambling revenue of a continent. These online gambling companies are now investing in bringing mobile platforms that can attract more and more users.

During the rise of COVID-19, 70% of overall gambling income came from mobile platforms which surged the trend of online gambling among the users. With the advancement in networks and technologies; we think that this industry is planning to stay in trend for the long term.





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