Backstage Pass welcomes students from all over India to become the future of the Gaming Industry

Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming
has always had a welcoming atmosphere for foreign students and Indian students alike since it started in 2010

Our student base is diverse, including students from all North-Eastern states. We have always encouraged students from North-Eastern states with little provision for gaming education in their own hometowns to come to our college and see for themselves our education system.

These students speak openly to our mentors so that they may get a full picture of our curriculum and the various opportunities waiting for them through our associations. We have found that most students who hail from these regions have a natural talent for art, and they bring about innovative new ideas with their innate creativity. Such bright individuals should utilize their talents properly and learn the usage of these skills to make a meaningful career out of it.

The Millenials of today’s generation play many games as a pastime, but they aren’t aware that they can pursue gaming as a successful career by learning the required skills under close supervision.

 In our Game Art course, we begin with traditional drawing and slowly transition to 2D and 3D Game Art Course Techniques. We believe in building a firm knowledge base hence, teach traditional and digital sculpting, wherein students will learn to sculpt their favourite game characters or creatures etc.

Many of our students graduate to enter reputed AAA game companies, such as Ubisoft, Sumo Digital, EA sports and many more, at the beginning of their career itself.

Michael Chawang( Game Art Bachelor’s, 2nd Year), our student from Nagaland, shared a few words of his experience at Backstage Pass :

“ I have always been very interested in Making a Career in Gaming but there were no proper Game Designing colleges that taught courses in Gaming exclusively, this is where Backstage Pass came in as it catered to my exact needs. I would also like to mention that, everyone including the students and faculty is friendly and maintain a relaxed atmosphere.”

We strive to have an open-minded and nurturing environment that stimulates positive interaction between students irrespective of where they are from so that students from any region can find a second home with us.

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