Gamers know the importance of a gaming headset! From best gaming headsets to cheap gaming headsets and wireless gaming headsets; we bring you three amazing gaming headsets that you will love using! Read on the article to find out about them.

Things to consider while choosing a gaming headset:

Frequency response range. Your ears can receive a maximum range of 20Hz-20 KHz.

Mic quality.

Build quality.

Connection types.

Batter life.

Storage options.

Personal preferences.

Best gaming headset-

Kingston HyperX Cloud IIKingston HyperX Cloud II

It’s frequency response range: 15-25KHz.
It’s connection type: USB, 3.5mm.
It’s driver size: 53mm.
It’s cable length: 1m + 2m extension.
It’s mic: A detachable back electrets condenser.

This is a very affordable yet amazing headset. It has a good sound, comfort and construction. Also comes with a detachable mic, which is good during a breakage. The mic offers great sound quality without any scratches when you adjust it. Construction quality is amazing with brushed steel, memory foam and a stitched headband. Very comfortable to hold it when not in use. Connections can be made via sound card or via USB using the provided inline remote and 2m extension cable. The best part is that it comes with extras such as a travel bag and an airplane adapter.

Cheap gaming headset-

SteelSeries Siberia RAW Prism

SteelSeries Siberia RAW Prism - Gaming HeadsetIt’s frequency response range – 20Hz – 20KHz
It’s connection type – USB
It’s driver size – 40mm
It’s cable length – 1.5m
It’s mic – Discrete Omni-directional mic

RAW Prism headset is simple and offers a great sound quality. It is majorly plastic based. It has a customizable RGB lighting which can be configured with a SteelSeries engine 3 software to emit 16.8 million colors’ from your ears. It is well cushioned and has a simple stereo output. It’s connection type is only USB. The best part is that it’s the cheapest amongst good headsets in the market.

Best wireless headset-

SteelSeries H WirelessGaming Headset

It’s frequency response range – 20Hz – 20KHz
It’s Driver size – 40mm
It’s Battery life – 20 hours
Wireless range – 12m/40ft
Mic – A Retractable unidirectional mic

It offers good quality sound and high comfort levels, most importantly it takes away the fuss and the usual setbacks associated with going wireless.

Do you own any of these headsets? Let us know about your personal experience.

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