Make Gaming your Career Pathway

With the rise of the home consoles, computers, and now mobile and tablets the Gaming Industry has bloomed. A large number of career paths are now available to people who are passionate about gaming. Game designers create great video games these days with the evolution of animation and visual effects. A lot of institutes are also providing professional courses to train passionate individuals as game designers.

Game Designer

Though primarily game designing was dominated by male gamers, lately more and more female gamers have been entering the field. The gaming industry is definitely something to think of when you are choosing your career pathway.

What are the educational requirements?

If you want to make gaming your career, the minimum requirement by colleges usually is a bachelor’s degree. Some colleges provide a bachelor’s degree too. Many institutes these days are also providing certificate courses for people who wish to pursue their passion in spite of their routine jobs.

Decent knowledge of gaming and computer skills is mandatory. Possessing artistic skills is an added plus point. Good verbal communication skills, piece knowledge in coding, creative thinking, computer programming, problem-solving and critical thinking are a few other skills one must possess.

What else do you need?

Love and passion for video games:

Game institutes and companies want to teach/employ the kind of people who know the qualities of what makes a video game good or bad. People who have knowledge about what runs in the video gaming market, worldwide.

Learn everything you can about game design:

Look up the internet, learn and develop your designing skills. Do your research. Spend your time self-learning. Learn about programming software such as C++ and Pascal. Upgrade the skills you already possess. Have a nose for news. Read through the Internet about the constant upgrades, the News related to gaming.

Join a Good Gaming institute and Obtain a Course:

There are Game-centric colleges in India like Backstage Pass that offer bachelor (4-year duration), Advanced Diploma (1-year duration), Certification courses (6-year duration) in Game Development, game design, and many more related streams. Acquiring accredited training in these areas will show a prospective employer that you are serious about your chosen field.

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