Why Upskill Courses Offer Great Career Opportunities in the Game Industry?

Learning has no boundaries, be it for a working professional or a recent graduate; to keep up with the Gaming industry, there is always demands for skill enhancement. There are different types of software available in the game market, and to pick the one that can help boost your career is today’s greatest question.

When you are already a working professional, learning and understanding the software that you are not familiar with, becomes a tedious job. To maintain the work balance as well as learn new things to aim for a better job opportunity seems really exhausting. But what if we say, we’ll hand pick the most trending software for you and also create a perfect learning environment that never hinders your office time?

Yes! Backstage Pass Advanced Diploma courses in Game Development and Game Art and Design is the answer for you.

The Advanced Diploma curriculum has been prepared by the game industry experts to help the working professional enhance their skills and remain up to date in the game market. Also, it allows freshers to build up their knowledge as well as their resume for better placement opportunities.

The Game Development course specializes in one step forward learning of architecture, core concepts and internal working of the game. Use of platforms such as OpenGL, DirectX IDEs are also part of the advance learning.


As far the Game Art & Design course is concerned, it introduces the concept of traditional drawing and color theory in which sculpting, sketching, painting techniques are taught to strengthen the basics of Game art. Along with that, the course also emphasizes on game mechanics, play control, character attributes, game economy, monetization methods and many more.


This course is not only for people related to or working in the game industry. If you are working in the IT industry and have a keen interest towards game development then it’s still not too late. The advanced diploma course can help you clear your basic knowledge and also become a door to your dream job.


Game industry is really an innovative world. A creative idea can change the market overnight. And to sync with this industry, you need to upskill regularly. India is already among the top 5 mobile gaming markets in the world in terms of users. Online gaming in India is estimated at Rs. 6200 crore (US$870 million) with estimated 300 million gamers. With these many numbers of users, the surge for game developers and game designers is expected to increase tremendously. Making it essential for the people working in the game industry to beat up the competition, and the people new to the industry, becoming a great competition to others.


Jugal Parik is a Backstage Pass Alumni who opted for an advanced diploma course in Game Art & Designing after completing his graduation in non-gaming field. He shared his upskilling experience with us saying “I wasn’t into games; I was into art but was still not sure about which specific field to opt for. With proper guidance by the mentor at Backstage Pass and their strong curriculum made me realize my real passion and that is the reason why I am here today!” He is now working as a lead game artist at Gamitronics and has already been part of creating history by making India’s first ever VR game.


The courses are made flexible according to the convenience of the working professional. And now can be availed online. Yes! In order to make the course learning friendly, Backstage Pass has brought the platform online so that no working professional has to think twice before signing up for the course. There is no better way than Backstage Pass Advanced diploma in Game Development and Game Designing to enhance your skills while working and give your career opportunity a boost. Try for yourself. Enroll today!

Best Game Design and Development college in India – Backstage Pass


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