Six Reasons to Invest in Your Gaming Education at Backstage Pass.


Here are the 6 reasons to invest in Gaming Education at Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming & Technology

1.    Collaboration with JNAFAU

Backstage Pass is the first college in India to collaborate with the Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University (JNAFAU), a University Grants Commission (UGC) recognized State University.

At Backstage Pass, you can earn a bachelor’s degree of four-year duration in

– Computer Science & Game Development

– Game Art & Design
– AR & VR

2.    Faculty and Mentors

At Backstage Pass, you will not only learn Game Design, Game Art, Game Development, & AR & VR from the experts, entrepreneurs, and practicing game developers, but you will also learn how to market and monetize your created games.

Backstage Pass counts several entrepreneurs among its mentors. Click on the links to know their stories and their contributions to the gaming world.

Asar Dhandala, Sushil George, Rahul Sehgal, Jay Dev

 3. Internships with Game Studios

Backstage Pass collaborates with game studios such as Purple Talk, Yes Gnome, GLU Games, Timuz, Plaza, and so on.

The students of Backstage Pass can take part in workshops, seminars, game-jam competitions, lectures, and company tours of game development studios. These studios also provide internship opportunities to third-year students every year.

Game Development Studios recruit interns and employees from Backstage Pass.

4. Backstage Pass Gaming Forum

Backstage Pass Gaming  Forum is an online discussion forum open only to students, alumni, faculty, and mentors of Backstage Pass. This discussion forum serves as a platform where students can connect, ask questions, and seek feedback. It also acts as a job board where you can apply for employment and internships.

The alumni of Backstage Pass are working in some of the top gaming studios in the world. A section of the alumni are entrepreneurs creating games, while some of them are pursuing their masters in well-known universities abroad.

Backstage Pass Gaming Forum builds an invaluable network of personal and professional connections from around the world.

 5. Placements

The best game companies in the world like Ubisoft, EA Sports, Purple Talk, and so on seek to recruit the students of Backstage Pass.

70-80% of the students are placed every year with the rest opting out for higher education or entrepreneurship.

Backstage Pass students get placed as game developers, software testers, programmers, game programmers, game artists, and so on.

 6. Incubator

Level2 is the Backstage Pass incubator for game development. It provides mentoring, infrastructure, marketing, and publishing support to the students and alumni of Backstage Pass. The first game at Level2 developed by students of Backstage Pass is ready for release.

Backstage Pass incubator Level2 is located in the Backstage Pass college campus. It is a creative space that has the facilities such as high-end computers, software, infrastructure, and mentors.

At Level2, mentors from the industry support the students in making games and launching entrepreneurial ventures. The incubation of a game takes about three to six months from inception to launch. The ventures are also eligible to get venture capital funding from Backstage Pass.

Check out this space for more on the first game made at Level2…

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