How to build a successful career in the video game industry?


The video game industry is continuously evolving and growing. It has become the world’s one of the greatest entertainment industries today. This industry started with simple arcade games like pong and the first console named the Magnavox Odyssey and now it is advancing and growing in the AR/VR field by upgrading the user’s experience beyond reality.

Building a successful career in this industry is a lot easier than you think. All you gotta have is a skill worthy of the job and a lot of knowledge about the gaming market.  If I have to suggest to you how to leave a footprint there, then here are some salient points to take care of before you think of taking your first step.


Your passion is your greatest career option in video game industry

Love what you do and pick a passion to specialize in it. If you are excited to go to work then definitely you’ll do a good job. To pick a path means picking which segment of game creation you want to be a part of. Whether to choose art and design or coding or you want to be into support functions or you wanna work in IT or consumer experience or branding.

As I mentioned, there are many jobs within the video game industry and it is not just related to game designing. If you are passionate about playing and watching games then you can also pick testing fields, where you have to play the game before consumers and search for bugs if any.


Be curious and eager to learn more 

This is about educating yourself. As the trends keep on changing with time, your passion for learning and coping up with the industry is another important thing to keep you in the game. Being knowledgeable about your topic can involve going into the university or picking up courses online to enhance your proficiency in a particular field. You can look for game development courses offered by the colleges around India.

If you stay in India and are searching for colleges that are game-centric, then Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming and Technology, Hyderabad could be a good pick for you. The 4-year bachelor’s degree courses in Computer Science & Game Development, Game Art & Design, and AR & VR are a good boost to start your career in the industry. If you are already into the industry and want to cope up with the trendy tools then this college also offers short-term Advanced diploma courses to polish your skills.

One of the things that the industry really looks for is practical experience.
So, an internship or being involved in game-related communities, having an active portfolio along with a passion project would be the cherry on top. Another important thing that the recruiting team sees is your knowledge about trending tools. To command this skill set, search for the current trending software in the gaming industry and just pick them up as a hobby.

If you are focusing on programming or game designing then Unity and Unreal are the tools that you should be opting for. Along with this, you should have design skills like photoshop, ZBrush etc. All of these will help you develop your craft. 


Prove your skills and understanding

This is the part where you demonstrate what you’ve learned till now. You should show the recruiter and the hiring team why you are the best fit for this job. This phase is where you get your step to the door essentially. Create a strong CV, and when I say effective and strong, it doesn’t mean that it should say “I am a good programmer” but it should show that you are good indeed.

Write down those codes, prove and demonstrate through experiences, examples, and situations that you’ve been through. Be very precise about your work expertise.

If you are aiming for art and design roles, then portfolios are as essential as CVs. So make sure your portfolios are up to date. You can put your published work in there if not, then personal projects hold the same value. In some situations, a strong portfolio is way better than a CV.


Now, Put yourself out there,

When you are finally ready with your game portfolios, it’s time to show the world what you’ve got!

The best way to increase your network is to visit a space full of gamers and game creators. Whether it be big events like E3, Gamescom, or small events in your hometown. Be sure that you don’t miss any gatherings with fellow gamers. Attend every meet-up and developer conferences, because, in this changing industry, there is always room to learn something new.

Another good aspect of visiting game events is that you can get familiar with the terminologies and the industry, and also the people working in this industry. 

Game development industry has lots of opportunities, you just have to pick the right course from the right college. Whether you are fresher or experienced, companies in the game development industry look for both sorts of talents from time to time.

To sum it all you have to build your connection and demonstrate your skills to enter the gaming industry with a strong presence. And now that you have these key points then start building up your career from today.


 All the best!


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