How to Become a Video Game Designer after 12th class?


If you take suggestions from a Career Advisor, He/ She will definitely suggest a career after the 12th that comes with good returns and offers a secure future. But that can be a wrong move if you are not interested in opting for a normal career option. If you are one of the kids who grew up playing Super Mario and IGI and wish to make a career & earn a name for yourself in this field, then you need to think from a different angle. Creating your own game with imagination & creativity and building a career around it is possible in the Gaming Industry. Here are some tips to learn how you can become game designer in the biggest entertainment industry in the world.


  • Take Sketching classes¬†
  • Opt for game designing related courses for graduation
  • Apply for internships to gain experience
  • Take Sketching Classes: Art is something you can never fully learn, so start taking sketching classes from your 10th grade onwards so that your foundation level knowledge will build up from an early age.
  • Opt for Game designing-related courses for graduation: As the game industry is flourishing at a phenomenal rate, the competition among the creators is also increasing. To cope up with the industry, taking a video game designer degree is a must. Take up game designing as your major for graduation and in this way, you’ll get exposure to the right direction of the gaming industry.
  • Apply for internships to gain experience: The gaming industry is looking for people with a good amount of experience in this field, so go ahead and take up every internship opportunity that you are given. Learn how the industry works and also the technicality of game designing.

Eligibility to become a game designer after 12th according to the industry:
  • You need to be above 16 years to take up animation training to be a game designer.
  • You should be keenly interested in animation, art, and sketching
  • Your creativity and imagination skills should be outstanding
  • Understanding and knowledge of the English Language is a must

Skills that companies look for
  • Degree in Game Art & Design
  • Understanding of tools such as Photoshop, Flash, 3ds Max, Unity, Maya, Zbrush, etc.
  • Creativity and imaginative skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team

Here is the list of profiles that you can opt for after completion of your degree:
  • Environment Designer
  • 3D Asset creator
  • Texture Artist
  • Story Visualizer
  • Game Designer
  • Rigging Artist
  • 3D Animation Artist
  • Multimedia Developer
  • Interactive Designer
To sum up everything here some colleges across India that can help you aim for the above profiles.
  • Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming and Technology: This college is situated in Hyderabad with two of its branches in Bangalore and Pune. The college provides excellent game-centric education with a fully practical oriented curriculum and also assists the students with 100% placement opportunities.
  • IIFA Multimedia: This animation college is situated in Bangalore that will help you ingrain the fundamentals of animation and designing.


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