Backstage Pass Got a New Look – Sneak Peek into design

With the gaming industry continuously evolving and upgrading, colleges like Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming & Technology which focuses exclusively on teaching how to design and develop video games, it becomes a must to match their pace with the fast-changing trends.

A big step that Backstage Pass has taken today is the complete “Makeover of the Brand”.  We are happy to launch our new brand logo today. All we can say is that Backstage Pass is Better & Greater version of itself now.

But “Why is the Re-branding important for Backstage Pass?”

Who will be a better person than the Director himself to let you through this rebranding journey. We asked Mr. Surya Prakash, Founder & Director of Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming & Technology a few questions about this whole rebranding voyage as well as their moto behind it, so let us surf through the thoughts of the director himself:

We are Going “GLOBAL”

When asked, why is Backstage Pass has upgraded its brand logo, Mr. Surya Prakash answered: “Backstage Pass was established more than a decade ago, and we came a long way in terms of quality of education, facility, experienced mentors, institutional and industry collaborations, well the list just goes on…

We are looking for more changes in the organization as per the technological shift that we experience in our daily life. I thought Backstage Pass needs a makeover in order to cope with these changes and move ahead with the current trend. That’s one main reason Backstage Pass is going for rebranding, and this will surely inspire not just our students and us, but all the game design, art, and development aspirants globally. Yes, we are going “GLOBAL”. 

“Every Brand logo has a meaning behind it”

So What does the logo signifies? 

According to Mr. Surya Prakash, Game Development is all about Teamwork, collaboration, growth & fun. The Logo icon (favicon) represents all these elements together, along with Backstage in the form of “B”, and in it, there’s a Pass for you to enter the world of Gaming.

Backstage Pass New Logo Launch
                  Backstage Pass New Logo Launch

The new Backstage Pass logo surely gives us a perfect balance of astounding creativity & fathomless thoughts behind it.

Are we celebrating this Rebranding? (FREEBIES ALERT!)

In order to celebrate this milestone, Backstage Pass has organized a giveaway on all our Social Media Platforms!

So what are the FREEBIES that our followers can get? 

On this Mr. Surya replied, We have T-Shirts with the Backstage Pass brand printed as free giveaways to celebrate our new logo, and not just that; We also have laptop bags with Backstage Pass branding that we are giving at a discounted price. 

To get your limited edition goodies, just follow our posts on Instagram by clicking on the link below:

New Backstage Pass with New Strategies! 

When asked, “The gaming industry is expanding tremendously in India. How’s the NEW Backstage Pass going forward to prepare students for that?”

Mr. Surya shared his thoughts saying, “There’s a huge scarcity of talent in the gaming industry today. In order to fill the gap, we had introduced Online Programs in association with multiple Universities, to provide high-quality training by bringing in top-class Industry mentors globally. We are working towards building an incubator, and a publishing company to help students not just build games but also publish and market them.

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